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How not to use “services_config.xml”

The most common way to use RemoteServices in flex is by creating a separate file to keep the configuration, and adding the “-services” switch to the compiler arguments. It’s a good way to do it, but not always, and is especially painful when explaining remoting to someone. But you can skip the whole file and […]

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FlexPMD released

There’s a new project on Adobe Open Source called FlexPMD (if You’re wondering what PMD stands for the answer is simple – nothing). It’s a tool that scans Actionsript and MXML code and points out bad practices, unused variables, etc. Really helpfull if you’re trying to keep the code clean and get a habit of  […]

Geolocation Library

Yesterday I’ve started to experiment with geolocation features built into Firefox 3.5 (check here) and Chrome with Gears installed. What was ment as a Flex Cookbook post grew into a handy library. It supports both Firefox and Chrome (including the loading of the address), includes functions to check the users geolocation, track him, etc. For […]

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