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Basic socket server in AIR

The socket api is relatively simple, but I couldn’t find a simple step by step tutorial on getting sockets working. The basic idea was to create an app that can send text to connected clients (which I’ll be using to send code while teaching a Flex class), and getting that basic functionality working is amazingly […]

Snippet- DataGrid labelField upgrade – complexFieldNameComponents

When displaying data in a DataGrid you can now reach into the inner structure of the data item while using the dataField property. Let’s say your data is: <employee>     <name>Maurice Smith</name>     <phone>555-219-2012</phone>     <email></email>     <active>false</active>     <description>         <short>short description </short>     </description> […]

Spell checking in Flex (with support for multiple languages)

A while ago the way to go, if you needed spell checking in Flash or Flex was Grant Skinners Spelling Plus Library (which still has a lot to offer, especially for Web applications, as it’s much smaller than the Adobe library). But, for a while now, Adobe has been working on their own project, called […]

How not to use “services_config.xml”

The most common way to use RemoteServices in flex is by creating a separate file to keep the configuration, and adding the “-services” switch to the compiler arguments. It’s a good way to do it, but not always, and is especially painful when explaining remoting to someone. But you can skip the whole file and […]

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Geolocation Library

Yesterday I’ve started to experiment with geolocation features built into Firefox 3.5 (check here) and Chrome with Gears installed. What was ment as a Flex Cookbook post grew into a handy library. It supports both Firefox and Chrome (including the loading of the address), includes functions to check the users geolocation, track him, etc. For […]

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