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Flash Builder extension for Swiz – sneak peak

I’ve spent some time lately learning how to extend Flash Builder, and finally have some results to show.

I’ve build a few projects using the Swiz framework, which I love, but I’ve always felt that adding event handlers in the controllers was a rather tedious task, requiring a lot of checking of what’s in the event and copy pasting. So I’ve started looking into ways that I could automatize the task, and ended up learning how to extend Eclipse and Flash Builder. The plugin is very raw and still has a long way to go, but it’s doing something useful, so I’ll start using it and keep working on it. Below a quick video showing it at work.

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3 thoughts on “Flash Builder extension for Swiz – sneak peak

  • Wow, it looks great! 😀

    Something that I wish daily is to have a plugin that lists all the EventHandlers and Injectors in a project, letting me jump easily between event handlers and injectors. :)
    More or less like navigating with SHIFT+Alt+R, but instead of files, we would see EventHandlers and/or Injectors.
    Just a suggestion… 😉

    Great work!

  • Chris says:

    You should check out SourceMate if you haven’t already:

    Our 3.0 version is going to include the kinds of things you’re looking for – specifically a lot of Swiz support features. Our 3.0 beta is open to the public:

    We’ll have views to track event handlers and injects just like Joao wants. We have advanced content assist (autocomplete) that inserts beans (sort of like you’re doing here with event handlers) by typing “bean”CTRL+space. And we’re adding the same kind of thing for event handlers sort of like the feature you’re showing here.

    Great minds think alike I guess!


    • Robert Bak says:

      Oh, I didn’t know it’s going to be supported in 3.0, nice to hear, I’ll surely upgrade. What I’m building is a tiny extension. I was curious how hard it is to extend FB, and will probably open source the plugin once it’s documented and cleaned up, so that people can use it as an example to get started.

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