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Getting started with Haxe for JavaScript

Software used FlashDevelop ( Haxe ( We’re going to use FlashDevelop to create the first JavaScript project. After running FD, create a new project (which is not done under the ”File” menu, but it’s own top level one). At the bottom of the window you can find Haxe project types, choose the “JS Project”, give […]


Using constants in Flex CSS – with compile time error checking

One of the problems with CSS is that in involves a lot of copy&paste. Having multiple selectors which share a common property value (like a font color) is common, but in CSS you still need to have an individual color for each selector. So you end up with code that looks like this: s|TextArea{   […]

Basic socket server in AIR

The socket api is relatively simple, but I couldn’t find a simple step by step tutorial on getting sockets working. The basic idea was to create an app that can send text to connected clients (which I’ll be using to send code while teaching a Flex class), and getting that basic functionality working is amazingly […]

Snippet- DataGrid labelField upgrade – complexFieldNameComponents

When displaying data in a DataGrid you can now reach into the inner structure of the data item while using the dataField property. Let’s say your data is: <employee>     <name>Maurice Smith</name>     <phone>555-219-2012</phone>     <email></email>     <active>false</active>     <description>         <short>short description </short>     </description> […]

Spell checking in Flex (with support for multiple languages)

A while ago the way to go, if you needed spell checking in Flash or Flex was Grant Skinners Spelling Plus Library (which still has a lot to offer, especially for Web applications, as it’s much smaller than the Adobe library). But, for a while now, Adobe has been working on their own project, called […]

Dark themes for Flash Builder

Spending a lot of time in front of a bright LCD monitor can be a real pain for the eyes. But there‚Äôs no good reason why you should keep the default white background behind your code. After a search I found that some people have already prepared configurations that will allow you to have bright […]

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From photoshop design to a Flex 4 skin

When looking at some old project folders I’ve found one of the first skins I’ve created while starting with the Flex 4 skinning model, and I thought it might be an interesting case to look at, source code is included at the end of the post. It’s based on a really nice design done by […]

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