robert bak

Robert Bak

Web Application Developer / Consultant

Professional Profile

Freelance software engineer, consultant and trainer interested mainly in modern web technologies. Currently creating socially integrated applications using the MEAN stack, for international clients and agencies. I've extensive experience with both Flex and AIR, including teaching multiple classes on Flex since 2009. Proud owner of the Kunth reward check #1025.

Technical Skills


Node.js & Express & Sails

My technology of choice for creating backend services. I've used Sails.js with some mid-scale projects, and can say only good things about it, a great alternative to writing expess applications from scratch.




I've worked with Angular on multiple mid-size projects, so by now have a working knowledge of most important Angular aspects, the gotchas and testing.




My database of choice at the moment. My experience is mostly related to the development side of things (querying, schema design, indexing), but with the understanding of the impact of sharding and replication on them.


Expert, over 6 years of experience

Adobe Flex & AIR

I've been using Flex since 2007, when Flex 2 was released. and currenly usign Flex 4. I've used a fair share of frameworks (Cairngorm, Mate, Swiz) and libraries during my career, creating and open-source geolocation library and teaching multiple Flex related classes.

Certified Professional Adobe Flex Developer



I'm obviously using other tools during day to day work - Git for version control, multiple CI solution and unit testing libraries. Also have working experience with multiple other technologies, to list some: MySQL, MSSQL, Java, Android applications, Haxe, LaTeX, Ember.js, and many more - even some PHP. I've integrated apps with most popular APIs like Facebook and Twitter.


Design tools

While not concentrating on being a designer I've a good deal of experience with graphic design for both digital and printed media. I've a fine grasp of Photoshop and Illustrator, which comes handy when working on RIA-s. I've also prepared some printed materials using InDesign.

Work Experience

Jun 2010 - Present


Imaginary Dot

  • Development of web applications
  • Designing and building Flex and AIR applications
  • Flex Consulting

Apr 2009 - Present

Flex Instructor

IT Media

  • Creating the programs and providing training for following courses:
  • Adobe Flex for Beginners
  • Advanced Adobe Flex
  • Actionscript 3.0

Oct 2008 - Mar 2011

Lead Flex/Android Developer

  • Analysis and refactoring of the preexisting Flex code base
  • Engineering of the PHP/Flex communication
  • Custom component development. Skinning
  • Security analysis
  • Testing and profiling of both back and front end

Jun 2008 - Oct 2008

Flex developer


  • Creation of custom components
  • Testing and integration

Feb 2007 - Jun 2008

Flex / Java developer


  • Design and implementation of multiple RIA solutions
  • Graphic design
  • Database design and optimization


2009 - 2012

University of Wrocław

Philosophy, Faculty of Social sciences

Specializing in philosophy of science and analytic philosophy

2001 - 2006

University of Wrocław

Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics

Specializing in IT

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